First IR delivering an innovative approach to employment and industrial relations

delivering an innovative approach to
employment and industrial relations

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Our  People

Daniel Houlihan

Principal Workplace Advisor

M. OH&SM; B. Arts; J.P; JD

Dan is the Managing Director of First IR. His predominant workload includes the design and negotiation of enterprise agreements and providing written employment advice on a wide range of issues. He also has a special interest in Workplace Health and Safety laws.

Dan is Principal Advocate for First IR in the Fair Work Commission, dealing with industrial disputes, unions, and all forms of claims such as General Protections (Adverse Actions), Good Faith Bargaining, Take Home Pay Orders and Unfair Dismissals.

Dan has particular expertise in Road Transport, Security, Building, Rail, Aviation, Pastoral and Cleaning Industries, having built up a loyal clientele since joining First IR in 1996.

 Shane Coyne

Workplace Relations Consultant

Shane is an independent workplace relations advisor who has been affliated with First IR since 1990. His experience includes the full range of workplace issues and activities, with a particular emphasis on enterprise bargaining.

Shane has had considerable success with introducing increased flexibility into workplaces. His industrial philosophy is to look for the minimalist, or lightest touch regulation, leaving as much of the workplace rules as possible to the directly affected parties.

Shane's practice is nation-wide, across most industries and occupations, often assisting both employer and employees to reach lasting settlements. His document drafting and report writing abilities are formidable. Shane’s advocacy skills on behalf of employers are significant, having successfully prosecuted some of the more demanding cases, including award wage rate reductions.

Paul X. Houlihan

Founding Director

Paul founded First IR in 1988. Paul retains his interest in First IR as well as continuing client liaison and bringing strategic thinking to bear on difficult workplace relations problems.

Paul has a diversified portfolio of interests, particularly directorships in various industries. He has an unparalleled network of contacts in government, unions, business and media.  

Paul has long been an advocate for less regulation in the workplace and where there is regulation for it to be relevant and fair at the enterprise level.   

During his more than 40 years in workplace relations, Paul has earned a reputation for taking on the toughest of workplace relations issues including major reform in the stevedoring, shearing and meat processing industries.

Daniel Houlihan

Shane Coyne

Paul X Houlihan